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At our company, we are firmly committed to the patient. People who develop their job always focused on people. Customimplants® began its activity in June 2020 with the clear mission of contributing to the necessary digitalization of healthcare processes and thus consolidate an efficient and sustainable system. We put technology at the service of the surgeon to guarantee the most appropriate customized solution for maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and traumatology. We support universal access to innovative, customized and precision treatments, and we believe in the consolidation of a strong economic system that is socially and environmentally responsible.

We do not merely design and manufacture. We offer a global approach to every surgical need and accompany the surgeon throughout the entire process. This collaborative networking is simple and user-friendly thanks to our online platform: CI-Shape 4D.

We add our experience in 3D printing and additive manufacturing to the surgeon's surgical experience to guarantee the adaptability of each piece. Our implants are made of Ti6Al4V, a light, resistant, durable, biocompatible,high osseointegration capacity and long-lasting material. Last machining or post-processing is carried out manually to ensure a precise fit.

We work with the doctor to improve the surgical approach. Our biocompatible polyamide biomodels and guides shorten surgery , hospital stay and recovery times. We complete our range of services with light and permeable orthoses to improve the post-surgical recovery process. We design, manufacture and sterilize in our facilities located in the industrial area of San Cibrao in Ourense.

All these processes comply with the strictest legal and sanitary protocols. The UNE certifications in ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016, 14001:2015 or the UNE 166002:2014 confirm Customimplants® commitment to the quality of our services and patient safety, but also to digital development, innovation, research and responsible social and environmental development. Our joining to the UN Global Compact and acceptance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the foundation on which our environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards are based.

The Company is born-digital but it is our team members that make Customimplants® a different project, contributing to guarantee an efficient and sustainable healthcare system by providing customized solutions that improve people's lives. The C of commitment is part of our DNA, it makes the difference, it defines and motivates us to continue innovating and offering society the customized and precision medicine which is demanded and also deserved.

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