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Digital Anatomics is a young and dynamic company, whose field of activity is Biomedical Engineering, i.e., the application of engineering principles to life sciences:

Nuestro lema: “Technology Solutions for healthcare”.

Our mission: To improve people's lives by putting engineering tools at the service of healthcare professionals.

Our vision: An organization recognized by professionals and patients who benefit from its capacity for innovation and its commitment to society.

The cornerstone of the company's know-how is the ability to create 3D anatomical biomodels by computer from 2D images obtained by diagnostic imaging techniques (CT, MRI, etc.).

Uniquely, this capability is based on proprietary software. These customized biomodels are used for surgical planning, i.e., so that the surgeon can preview what he/she is going to face in the operating room.

In other cases, the anatomical biomodels are used as the basis for the creation of other high-value products, such as customized surgical guides, for example, for tibial osteotomy.

The products are manufactured using advanced 3D printing techniques, with certified biocompatible materials, processed to achieve an extraordinary degree of realism. They are not mere "3D photos", but tools that technology puts in the surgeon's hands to make his work safer and more efficient.

Digital Anatomics is a Licensed Custom Medical Device Manufacturer and its Management System is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 standards.

The daily work of the Digital Anatomics team involves direct and permanent contact with the user; it is the company's premise that the products are adapted to the real needs of the customer, always taking into account their budgetary environment.

It is from this interaction that, frequently, new challenges arise, which the doctors put on the table, and which feed the company's R&D activity.

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  • Biomodels for surgical planning
  • Patient-specific surgical guides for tibial osteotomy (TOM JIG)
  • Outsourcing: Integral service of biomedical engineering and 3D printing in hospitals (ARTEMIS 3D Units)
  • Dental replicas for training in endodontics (3D ROOTS)

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