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Pol. Ind. Mas d\'en Cisa. Gato Pérez, 3-9, Sentmenat, 08181, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 937 151 958

Phibo Group is the Spanish multinational pioneer in integrative dentistry 4.0 and digital solutions, leader in the manufacture of CAD / CAM dental prostheses. Phibo Group researches, develops, manufactures and markets dental solutions for more than 30 years with a strong vocation for innovation and a high scientific component. It promotes professional growth and excellence through innovative digital solutions that integrate and simplify daily praxis, provide added value and improve the lives of patients.
Meet the Phibo Group:
• Pioneer in digital dentistry.
• Leader in the manufacture of CAD / CAM dental prostheses.
• Application of the latest technologies in the development of products and services of the highest quality.
• Constant innovation with more than 100 new products and services.
• More than 8,000,000 implants sold.
• More than 5,000,000 prostheses sold.
• More than 5,000m2 of production area in Spain and Colombia.
• Present in more than 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.
• Use of renewable energy in all production plants.
• Committed to social projects and the environment.

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