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Telic con casi 40 años de experiencia en el sector de productos médicos desechables, durante 2020 se ha adaptado lo más rápido posible a las necesidades del mercado, debido a la pandemia que estamos sufriendo a nivel mundial. Además de los productos que ya teníamos, hemos lanzado una nueva gama de productos \\\\\\\”COVID\\\\\\\”, como protectores faciales, mascarillas de cirujano y geles hidroalcohólicos.

Our company manufactures and distributes a wide selection of medical supplies to more than 100 different countries. We began our trajectory in the medical industry with disposable electrodes for electrocardiography but, since then, we have increased our area of specialization and product offering, which now includes products for Hospitals, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Aesthetics and Sports. We use our own technology to develop and manufacture products with the highest quality standards, intended for professionals and hospital doctors. From Vein Strippers to Hand Cream, we offer a wide selection of products to cover all requirements. This versatility allows our clients to choose the most suitable product to meet their needs.

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Our products

  • Body oils
  • Reusable gel bag for hot or cold
  • Vascular tapes
  • Skin care creams
  • Creams for sports
  • Creams and milks for massages
  • Electrodes for defibrillation
  • ECG electrodes
  • Electrodes for TENS stimulation
  • Disposable specula for otoscope
  • Varicose vein extractor
  • Surgical Lamp Handle Covers
  • Water-soluble lubricating gel
  • Gels
  • Gels for ECG and ultrasound
  • Electrosurgical Scalpel Handles
  • Surgical skin marker
  • Surgical masks
  • Face protection screen
  • Electrosurgical plates
  • Endotracheal Tube Bite Guard
  • Save ears
  • Nasogastric tube holder

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