Communication campaign

New advertising campaign


In 2019 Fenin started to work on a new publicity campaign to strengthen the sector, increase visibility and promote the brand “Healthcare Technology from Spain”. This campaign was based on the concept of “SPAIN, SMART CARING”: one which is linked to the new concept of SMART HEALTH and which associates Healthcare Technology made in Spain with smart decision-making and high quality innovation.

The new campaign  featured highly visual and modern images, along with messages that reflect the important position that the Spanish Healthcare Technology Sector has gained at an international level, in terms of both innovation and benchmark setting.

The goal of the campaign is to maximize the image and the international projection of Spanish companies abroad. In this way, the aim is to continue increasing the number of Spanish exports and expand market diversification, with the result that the presence of Spanish companies in different markets is heightened.


Advertising campaign – Background 


In 2006 a communication campaign for our sector was held. It was carried out under the framework of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Plan for the Internationalization of Sectors with a High Technological Content. This had the objective of promoting Spain abroad as a producer of high quality healthcare technology.

The communication campaign strategy was based on building a personal brand for Healthcare Technology made in Spain. The brand was given the attributes of value, quality, “intelligent decision”, and a good relationship between quality and price via a close emotional approach. The image of Spain was linked with a modern country, quality of life, culture, design, tourism etc.